Brexit & UK-based .EU registrants

As you likely know, once the UK withdraws from the EU, UK-based registrants will no longer be able to satisfy the .EU eligibility requirements based on their country of residency.  The timeline of Brexit is still unclear, but if it’s determined that the UK will leave the EU with no deal on November 1, 2019, EURid will begin contacting ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2019
Email Issues - RESOLVED

We have been experiencing some issues where emails to some recipients have been bounced due to poor reputation of the Mail Server IP address.This issue should now be resolved and emails should now return to normal operation.Sorry for any inconvenience cuased by this issue, we now actively monitor the server for reputation and spam blacklisting ... Read More »

12th Mar 2017
Inbound DDoS

We are currently mitigating a large inbound DDOS attack against our network.This may cause some intermittent issues with accessing sites and email services.We operate an Arbor Networks DDOS protection system which will soon begin to block this traffic and restore normal operations.We will keep all customers updated.** Update - 16:40 PM **We have ... Read More »

11th Dec 2016
cPanel FTP Quota Bug

As part of our ongoing platform and cPanel upgrade, we will be patching all cloud platform’s to introduce a cPanel patch that will remove an ongoing and intermittent bug involving FTP quota’s.   During the update customers might notice intermittent access, however we do not anticipate this to take longer then 3 to 5 minutes. We plan to ... Read More »

25th Nov 2016
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