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My goal was to take my Technical Knowledge and many years of experience in the Hosting Industry and form a Company that I felt could offer the customer a more personal service, as I was previously used to giving.

After many years in the business working as IT Director at a Broadband Installations Company and IT Support Manager at a Croydon Based Webdesign and Hosting Company, I decided after the previous Company was taken over by a larger company, I was no longer able to offer the personal service I was used to giving clients.  This coupled with the fact I had less control over what was going on and felt my knowledge was under appreciated  and going to waste, I decided to start my own business.

I had already registered Darker Designs Limited in March 2012 as a Company, however I decided that Darker Information Technology Solutions would be a better brand for the IT side of the business.  So I setup Darker Information Technology Solutions at the end of 2013, as part of the Darker Brand.

The Darker Brand itself is nothing more than me forming this from switching the first letter from my first name with the first letter of my last name like this Dave Parker.

I have several projects in the pipeline for the Darker Brand including the following:

Darker Modified Customs – www.dmcustoms.co.uk – My Car Modification and Customization business.

Darker Designs – www.darkerdesigns.uk – My Design business, doing Vinyl Graphics, webdesign etc.

Darker Online Gaming – www.darkeronlinegaming.net – Online gaming servers for Clans and Competitions.